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    Genetics is the science of heredity and of the mechanisms by which traits are passed from parent to offspring. Which is exactly what our class studied. We took fruit flies as our example/ experiment because of their fast life cycle and their short life span. How that benefited us was we were able to see many generations of the flies. The phenotype (an organism’s appearance or other detectable characteristics that results from the organisms genotype and the environment) our group specifically tested was white-eyed fruit flies and wild-eyed fruit flies.

 Phenotypes Studied

    The three different phenotypes that our class started experimenting with are wild (+), vestigial (vg), and white eyed (w).  Wild flies are normal fruit flies with no mutations. Vestigial flies have crippled, malformed wings.  White-eyed flies have ‘albino characteristics’, or white eyes.

    Our group is focusing on crossing white-eyed and wild flies. In one vial we crossed wild males with white-eyed females, and in the other we cross white-eyed males with wild females.